Laser Marking

Laser marking stands as a versatile technology, indispensable for creating permanent, high-contrast marks on diverse materials. Across industries, laser technology is embraced for its precision and longevity in marking applications. From intricate designs engraved on metal surfaces to serial numbers etched onto tiny computer components, laser marking proves its adaptability.

Elevate your marking processes with our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring clarity, durability, and unmatched precision for your products.

  • Deep engrave, etch, color change or surface mark parts
  • Mark graphics, text, logos, barcodes and more
Laser marking system with a robot holding a titanium drill bit for marking high contrast bands
laser marking oxidation of metal sample

How Laser Marking Works

Laser marking is a high-speed, non-contact process that uses a focused beam of light to slowly heat or quickly vaporize materials. By focusing on a specific area, the concentrated beam enables the laser marking machine to generate sharp, high-quality, high-contrast permanent marks that can be easily read or scanned on almost any surface.

Our laser marking machines can use vector drawings or raster images to mark almost any pattern onto your parts including text, custom graphics, barcodes and 2D data matrices.

Unlike traditional part marking processes, laser marking doesn’t require masks, inks or custom machining bits—reducing operating costs and changeover time between parts and designs.

Laser Marking for All Types of Materials

Our industry experts have seen it all, from common metals to exotic materials.

Laser Marking Metal

Laser part marking offers a streamlined and enduring solution for marking various metals, including rare earth metals. Our fiber laser marking machines excel in versatility, from deep engraving serial numbers to precision surface-level annealing of data matrix codes.

Craft high-quality marks effortlessly on aluminum, steel, zinc, and even notoriously reflective metals like gold and copper. Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge laser technology into your production lines for static marking or dynamic on-the-fly processing.

Experience efficiency and permanence in metal part marking with our state-of-the-art laser solutions. Elevate your marking processes with precision and reliability, ensuring your products stand out with clarity and durability.

  • Types of laser marking include annealing, ablation, deep engraving, etching, and paint/layer removal
  • Typical applications include bearings, valves, gears, surgical tools, sensors, golf clubs, industrial tags

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Permanent Marking Laser Technology

High quality marks, every time.

What is the Difference Between Laser Marking & Engraving Metal?

Explore the terminology used to classify various types of laser marking and engraving processes and the distinct effects that each one offers.

  • Surface marks, etchings, deep engravings
Deep engraving with ultrafast picosecond laser marking system
Laser marked stainless steel medical wires with high-contrast bands

Laser Marking System for Stainless Steel Medical Wires

Discover the wire marking laser machine that was developed for Custom Wire Technologies to mark high-contrast bands on metal wires and how their throughput was improved by 550%!

  • Automated laser marking system for wires

Cold Marking with UV Laser Technology

Ultraviolet laser markers are the ideal choice for medical device manufacturers for UDI compliance. Learn about the unique capabilities of using UV laser marking systems.

  • Permanent and smooth to the touch
Laser marked UDI information on medical plastic lid

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Working with the entire Control Micro Systems team on our project was a pleasure. CMS was capable of meeting and exceeding our goals. They successfully designed and built a machine which increased our throughput by 550%! We are so glad we chose to move forward with CMS.

Jim B., Custom Wire Technologies, Inc.

In the three years ACR has owned the CMS laser, it has worked flawlessly. In the few instances where ACR needed support in programming, CMS was quick to respond.

Mike S., ACR Electronics, Inc.

CMS have been excellent partners in the development of new, complex equipment for our business. CMS built multiple machines for us. Each machine had a different purpose, however the CMS team worked openly & honestly with us to agree on optimal solutions for each one.

Andy, Confidential

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