Large Format Laser Marking Systems for Appliances

Our range of large-format laser marking and engraving machines for appliances offers an ideal solution for various part sizes. These advanced systems are equipped with cutting-edge machine vision technology, enabling precise alignment of markings according to specifications. The majority of our machines utilize innovative vision techniques, ensuring efficient processing and delivering impeccable precision for a wide range of applications.

Our laser markings, or annealings in this case, are not only permanent but also highly resistant to frequent cleaning and abrasion. Whether you desire dark high-contrast markings, frosted effects, or lighter markings, our machines offer the flexibility to achieve your desired aesthetic.

With decades of experience in manufacturing these types of machines, we take pride in supplying appliance manufacturers worldwide. CMS Laser is committed to designing tailored solutions that address specific manufacturing challenges, paying meticulous attention to detail and delivering a significant return on investment.


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