Lasers for Medical Device Manufacturing

Lasers for medical device manufacturing (MDM) have come a long way in recent years, unlocking new innovations in the medical industry. Their non-contact, abrasion-resistant applications are perfect for all types of medical grade materials. Mark UDI codes or weld clear plastics and medical tubing, lasers are the ideal choice.

  • Mark, cut, drill or weld medical plastics
  • “Cold marking” using ultrafast lasers
Medical device manufacturing with lasers
Laser marked and cut medical devices

Laser Marking, Cutting, Drilling, and Welding for MDMs

Lasers are widely used in the medical device industry for various applications. In marking, lasers create permanent and precise identification codes on medical devices. Laser cutting allows for accurate shaping and fabrication of components, while laser drilling enables the creation of small, precise holes in devices. Laser welding joins different components together, ensuring strong and durable bonds.

The advantages of laser processes include high precision, minimal heat impact, reduced contamination risk, and compatibility with various materials. Laser technology enables the production of clean, accurate, and reliable medical devices. From marking unique identifiers to shaping components and creating intricate patterns, lasers play a crucial role in manufacturing medical devices with precision and efficiency.

Laser-Based Applications for Medical Device Manufacturing

From marking catheters to drilling micro holes in plastics and metals

Laser Marking Medical Devices

Laser marking offers several advantages, including high precision, durability, and the ability to mark on a wide range of materials used in medical devices.

​​Cold Marking with UV Lasers

The utilization of ultraviolet (UV) lasers for marking medical-grade plastics represents a ‘cold marking’ technology, leveraging photochemical interactions instead of thermal effects. This advanced process generates high-contrast, permanent marks within the plastic material itself, as opposed to creating surface oxidation. This attribute is crucial in ensuring that the markings remain bacteria-free, as they do not create areas that can trap or harbor bacterial growth.

Ultraviolet laser marked medical device plastics

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Our Experience with Medical Device Manufacturing

With over 40 years of business, our team has the expertise to develop solutions for MDMs

Cold Marking With UV Lasers For Plastic Medical Devices

Achieve non-thermal, UDI compliant laser marking of medical device plastics using an ultraviolet laser.

Laser marked UDI information on medical plastic lid
Laser cut thin walled medical micro tubes

Discover The Potential of Ultrafast Lasers for Drilling

Laser drill and cut micro-tubing with no dross or slag, eliminating the need for post-processing.

Explore the Advantages of Laser Welding Plastics

By utilizing lasers for welding, devices such as microfluidic channel devices can be assembled, sealed, and integrated with high precision, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the microfluidic system. Learn more about the advantages of using laser technology for joining plastics

Laser welded micro fluidic channels
CO2 laser wire stripping system for enameled wires

Laser Stripping Insulated Copper Magnet Wires

Discover this on-the-fly laser stripping machine we developed for removing insulation on enameled magnet wires for the medical industry. Remove polymers such as formvar, Kapton, polyimide and more utilizing a CO2 laser. Replace traditional acid baths and mechanical stripping methods with the power of focused beams of light.

  • Clean and efficient laser ablation of polymer coatings

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