A collection of laser processed medical industry samples


Lasers for medical device manufacturing have come a long way in recent years, unlocking new innovations in the medical industry. Their non-contact, abrasion-resistant applications are perfect for all types of medical grade materials.

  • Mark, cut, drill or weld medical plastics
  • “Cold marking” using ultrafast lasers
Ultrafast laser marked titanium pacemaker housing

Lasers for Medical Devices

From marking plastics and stainless steel with UDI compliant data to drilling thin films and micro tubing—lasers are versatile tools used throughout the medical industry.

Our engineers understand the complexity of the medical industry and will work with you to meet strict regulatory standards.

Laser Applications for Medical Devices

​​Using lasers to mark medical components creates clean, permanent marks without making contact with parts. You can even use our proprietary software to mark parts while they’re in motion—significantly increasing production speeds and ease of integration. Whether you’re marking medical-grade plastics, metals, glass or pharmaceutical tablets, our custom laser systems will meet your application needs.

Plastic medical devices and containers marked with a UV laser

Plastic medical devices and containers marked with a UV laser

Cold Marking With UV Lasers For Plastic Medical Devices

Achieve non-thermal, UDI compliant laser marking of medical plastics using an ultraviolet laser.

Discover The Potential of Ultrafast Laser Sources for Drilling

Drill micro-tubing with no dross or slag, eliminating the need for post-processing.

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Working with the entire Control Micro Systems team on our project was a pleasure. CMS was capable of meeting and exceeding our goals. They successfully designed and built a machine which increased our throughput by 550%! We are so glad we chose to move forward with CMS.

Jim B., Custom Wire Technologies, Inc.

In the three years ACR has owned the CMS laser, it has worked flawlessly. In the few instances where ACR needed support in programming, CMS was quick to respond.

Mike S., ACR Electronics, Inc.

CMS have been excellent partners in the development of new, complex equipment for our business. CMS built multiple machines for us. Each machine had a different purpose, however the CMS team worked openly & honestly with us to agree on optimal solutions for each one.

Andy, Confidential

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