Laser part marking, handheld etching and welding for automotive manufacturing. From UID marking of codes to welding clear plastics together, our solutions are designed to solve your toughest challenges.

Laser marked automotive components with barcodes and serial numbers
Laser marked plastic gear shifter cover panel

Lasers for Automotive

Part marking provides critical information to drivers, mechanics, vendors and employees on the production line. These markings—found throughout the vehicle—include barcodes, serial numbers, compliance details and important warning labels.

With speed and precision, our lasers can mark plastics, metal alloys and rubber using techniques like ablation, oxidation and layer removal. Parts include steering column stalks, gauges, radio and temperature controls, window switches, key fobs, tires and suspension parts. Our lasers even mark components in headlight and taillight assemblies, as well as the various parts under the hood.

Automotive Laser Applications

From high contrast laser marking to laser welding of clear plastics

Laser Marking Unique Identifiers (UID)

Automotive components often require unique identification (UID) markings, such as barcodes and 2D codes, before leaving the factory. Our systems are designed to mark all types of materials—depending on the wavelength used—with all the necessary data required for automotive vehicles.

  • Laser wavelengths available from UV to IR
Hardened steel laser marked with 2D codes

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