Laser Processing Metal

Laser technology revolutionizes metal processing by offering precise solutions for marking, cutting, drilling, and welding. Laser marking creates permanent, high-contrast markings without additional substances. Cutting and drilling with lasers ensure clean edges and fine perforations, while welding achieves strong bonds with minimal heat impact. This technology sets new standards for precision and productivity in metal engineering.

  • Ablation, oxidation, melting, or layer removal from various metals
  • Cutting and perforating thin sheet metal with precision
  • Welding metal tubing and creating hermetical seals with accuracy and efficiency
Laser marked gear with 2d data matrix and part serial number
Laser engraved metal rings with text and numbers

Mark, Cut, Drill, and Weld Metals

Laser metal processing offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in marking, cutting, drilling, and welding applications. In laser marking, a high-energy beam is directed onto the metal surface, causing a controlled oxidation or material removal, resulting in permanent, high-contrast markings.

For cutting and drilling, lasers provide precise and intricate control, delivering clean edges and fine perforations even on the thinnest metal sheets. By focusing intense energy into a concentrated spot, lasers swiftly vaporize or melt through the metal, leaving behind precise cuts and holes.

In welding, lasers create strong bonds by melting and fusing metal surfaces together with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in seamless joints and minimal heat-affected zones.

Laser Applications

From marking stainless steel oven panels to welding aerospace components, laser technology is a preferred method for high precision applications.

Laser Applications for Stainless Steel 

Laser technology has revolutionized the processing of stainless steel, offering precise and efficient methods for marking, cutting/drilling, and welding. In automotive manufacturing, lasers mark part identification numbers and QR codes on components like engine parts and exhaust systems, ensuring seamless tracking and compliance. Similarly, in the medical industry, lasers are crucial for welding stainless steel components in surgical instruments and implants, ensuring high-strength joints with minimal heat-affected zones.

Additionally, lasers are utilized for cutting and drilling stainless steel sheets and components across various sectors, delivering unparalleled precision and efficiency while minimizing material waste.

Overall, lasers have become indispensable tools for high-precision processing of stainless steel components, meeting the stringent requirements of modern manufacturing.

Laser Material Processing of Metal

Laser technology advancements has expanded capabilities in metal processing across industries

Deep engraving with ultrafast picosecond laser marking system

What Is The Difference Between Laser Marking And Engraving Metal?

Learn about the terminology our engineers use when determining the type of marking required.

Guide to Oxidation Laser Marking

Laser oxidation marking—also called annealing—is one of the most popular and effective techniques for marking metals.

laser marking oxidation of metal sample

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