Laser Marking System for Stainless Steel Medical Wires

This fiber laser marking system, classified as CDRH Class 1, has been specifically created to mark high contrast bands on stainless steel medical wires. The system allows for auto-feeding of the wires through the left side panel, and will alert the operator when the wire is in the correct position for the wire puller to begin its operation. During the marking process, a rotary unit will be positioned to rotate the wire, while a picosecond fiber laser attached to an x-axis will create the high contrast bands along the wire. Once the marking is complete, the wire will exit the system.

Ultrafast lasers have become an increasingly popular tool for marking medical devices due to their precision and versatility. These lasers emit incredibly short pulses of light, allowing them to produce markings with high resolution and minimal heat damage to the material. Medical devices such as implants, surgical instruments, and diagnostic tools can be marked with ultrafast lasers to meet regulatory requirements and improve traceability. Additionally, the use of ultrafast lasers allows for unique marking designs, such as barcodes and serial numbers, to be produced with ease. This technology has revolutionized the medical device industry, enabling safer and more reliable identification and tracking of these critical devices.

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