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Aerospace Wire Compliance with UV Laser Marking Systems

Last Updated on Apr 2, 2024

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Aerospace wire UV laser marking system

UV laser marking is a highly precise and efficient method used in the aerospace industry for marking wires and various components. It involves the use of ultraviolet (UV) lasers to create permanent, high-quality marks on metal and plastic surfaces. The aerospace industry relies on UV laser marking for various reasons, including its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, meet industry standards, and enhance traceability.

Below is our latest iteration of our UV Laser Wire Marking System from 2023:

UV Laser Marking for Aerospace Wire Harness Manufacturing

Laser marked aerospace wires using an ultraviolet laser marking machine

UV laser marking is integral to wire harness manufacturing, ensuring compliance with rigorous aerospace standards, including those set by SAE. By harnessing high-energy ultraviolet laser beams, this process photochemically marks precise and clear markings onto wire surfaces. Compared to fiber and CO2 laser sources, the UV wavelength delivers unmatched precision and clarity, making it ideal for intricate wire marking. This technology plays a vital role in wire harness manufacturing, guaranteeing compliance with aerospace regulations and facilitating efficient production processes.

UV Lasers are also the preferred choice for marking plastic medical devices to UDI medical standards. They are perfect for creating smooth-to-the-touch surface markings that prevent bacterial build up and can withstand consistent washing.

On-the-Fly Marking of Information

Top down angled view of a UV laser marking machine for aerospace wires

Our wire marking UV laser machines use our cutting-edge on-the-fly marking technology with closed-loop encoder feedback. This allows the machine to accurately track changes in the wire’s velocity to ensure unparalleled precision and efficiency. By simultaneously reading encoder feedback on the wire transport, our software is able to dynamically adjust the galvanometer scanning mirrors to ensure perfect markings.

Originating from CMS Laser’s pioneering efforts in the 1990s, this innovative technology has evolved to find applications across various laser material processing domains. Whether it’s tracking pharmaceutical tablets for laser drilling or seamlessly marking products in motion, CMS Laser remains a leader in software innovation, dedicated to meeting dynamic industrial demands.

Benefits of UV Laser Marking in Aerospace

  • High precision: UV laser marking technology ensures precise and accurate markings on aerospace components.
  • Durability: Markings made with UV laser technology exhibit exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting readability.
  • Compliance with industry regulations: UV laser marking meets stringent aerospace standards and regulations for part identification and traceability.
  • Non-contact and non-invasive: UV laser marking is gentle on sensitive aerospace materials, preserving their integrity during the marking process.
  • Speed and efficiency: UV laser marking enables fast and efficient marking of aerospace components, contributing to streamlined production processes and faster time-to-market.

UV Laser Marking Equipment

Top down front view of a UV laser marking machine for aerospace wires

Choosing the right UV laser marking equipment is essential for achieving optimal results. There are different types of UV laser marking machines available, each with its unique features, power levels and capabilities. Proper maintenance and calibration of the equipment are crucial to ensure consistent and reliable marking performance. Our field service engineers are available 24/7 for any questions or troubleshooting support. Here at CMS Laser, we develop a wide range of laser solutions using the UV wavelength, especially for medical device marking applications.

CMS Laser requires customers to send in their materials for a free in-house material testing study in our applications lab to determine if your process is feasible. Our laser applications engineers test markings for legibility, durability, and cycle time requirements. Once we get a final mark that you are satisfied with, we move onto a formal quote. We choose from a set of enclosures we’ve designed and modify from there. Our solutions are engineered for turnkey or manual operation depending on your budget constraints.

Choose CMS Laser Today for Your Aerospace Marking Compliance

UV laser marking is a critical technology in the aerospace industry, contributing to the safety, quality, and efficiency of aerospace products. Its precision, durability, and compliance with industry standards make it an indispensable tool for wire marking and various other applications. As technology continues to evolve, UV laser marking will likely play an even more significant role in aerospace manufacturing, ensuring the industry’s continued success.

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