Laser Solutions for Aerospace

Laser technology is used throughout the aerospace industry for precision marking, cutting, and welding applications. From marking unique identifiers (UIDs) to drilling micro holes in thin metals and plastics, lasers are the go-to option for many aerospace manufacturing processes.

  • Permanently mark or deep engrave serial numbers, data matrices, logos and more.
  • Mark and strip wire insulation to SAE standards
  • Weld metals and plastics with precision
Laser ablation of paint on plastic backlit avionics panels
Laser marking system with machine vision for marking stainless steel appliances

Unmatched Laser Precision for Aerospace Applications

In the aerospace industry, precision is key. Our cutting-edge laser solutions not only minimize defective parts, downtime, and human error but also align with your budget goals and stringent federal/international specifications.

Laser systems are proficient at precision etching for enhanced surface textures, welding materials seamlessly, and engraving UID codes on metal and plastic components.

Versatile Laser Systems for Every Aerospace Challenge

From ablating paint for backlit panel displays to precision welding of sensitive microelectronics and sensors, laser technology surpasses traditional manufacturing methods.

Laser Marking and Engraving

Modern aircraft include millions of parts, which—in addition to the wires and cables—need marking. From cabin plastics to metal mechanical components, these parts typically require serial numbers, UID codes and other critical identifiers. Laser markings are permanent, abrasion resistant, and hold up to harsh atmospheric conditions.

  • Mark logos and UID codes on a variety of materials
  • Ablate paint on plastics for backlit buttons and panels
  • Mark plastics containing additives for better contrast
Ultrafast laser marked metal steel plates

Laser Precision Redefined for Aerospace Innovation

Achieve unparalleled precision in aerospace manufacturing with CMS Laser’s cutting-edge solutions. Our advanced laser technology sets the gold standard for optimizing efficiency and quality in material processing—be it marking, cutting, drilling, or welding.

Laser Engraving Jet Turbine Blades

Laser engraving systems offer permanent marking of identification codes and serial numbers for traceability, contributing to robust quality control. The durability of laser-engraved markings ensures longevity and legibility throughout the operational lifespan of the turbine blades.

  • High-precision etching of serial numbers
  • Highly resistant to wear and corrosion
Laser deep engraving serial number and 2d matrix
UV Laser marked aerospace thin white wires with text

Aerospace Wire Marking & Stripping Machines

Achieve SAE compliant laser marking of aerospace wires. Our ultraviolet laser marking systems are designed for custom wire harness production. Connect marking information from databases, customize wire lengths, and more with our custom in-house software.

  • Photochemical marking process ensures minimal penetration
  • Zero damage CO2 laser wire stripping
  • Cut wires to length with a mechanical blade

Welding Metals with Pinpoint Laser Accuracy

Our latest system developed uses an AI vision camera to detect weld quality. Featuring multiple axes of motion, two vision systems, and a high power laser welder. Discover what it takes to weld miniature aerospace components in our system spotlight.

  • TTOV camera for weld alignment
  • AI vision camera for post-process weld inspection
Laser welding internal view from right side

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