Application Development Lab

From UV to IR wavelengths, our applications development lab features over 20 different lasers, optics and motion control units. Send us your material for a free sample evaluation by our experts.

  • All laser wavelengths available for testing—including nanosecond to ultrafast pulse widths

Determine If Your Process Is Feasible

Our Applications Lab is our first step to providing you with a custom laser system that meets your manufacturing or research needs. We can determine most solutions through a free sample evaluation, but if your requirements are complex and require long-term research, we’ll offer you a contract.

We invite you to visit our Applications Lab, meet our engineers and see the most complete laser laboratory in the industry. Our facility even includes a research area where you can use our extensive in-house resources.

In-House Material Testing & Analysis

Standard Lasers

  • Vanadate lasers — 355 and 532 nm, up to 20 W
  • Low-power fiber lasers — 1064 nm, up to 50 W; variable pulse widths (4 to 200 ns) and beam modes
  • High-power fiber lasers — 1,070 nm, with 3 kW peak pulse power, 0.1 to 10 ms pulse widths and programmable pulse energy curve
  • CO2 lasers — 10.6 μm, from 5 to 250 W; RF-excited and slab varieties.

Unique Lasers

  • Femtosecond lasers — 515 and 1030 nm, with 400 fs pulse width
  • Thulium fiber lasers — 1,940 nm up to 120 W
  • CO2 lasers — 9.4 μm up to 400 W

Lasers Available with Advanced Notice

  • Solid state lasers — with alternate wavelengths (213, 266, 375, 405 and 1,064 nm), powers (milliwatts to tens of watts) and lasing media (Nd:YAG)
  • Fiber lasers — higher-power MOPA and CW
  • CO lasers — 5.5 μm

Laser Applications Development

40 years of solving complex manufacturing challenges

Laser Marking & Engraving Technology

Whether it’s a simple surface mark or an intricate engraving, our engineers specialize in crafting comprehensive solutions that harness a range of optics, multi-axis motion controls, and cutting-edge machine vision technology. Our expertise lies in laser marking and engraving, enabling us to create lasting impressions of serial numbers, barcodes, logos, and more with unparalleled precision and permanence.

  • Fiber, CO2, Ultraviolet, Green Lasers
  • Nanosecond, femtosecond, and picosecond pulse widths available
Label Marking Laser System - Marking Border Process
Laser cut thin walled medical micro tubes

Laser Cutting and Drilling Technology

Laser cutting and drilling have emerged as remarkably versatile techniques, finding applications across diverse industries – from medical tubing to perforating thin films. The advent of ultrashort pulse width lasers revolutionizes these processes by eradicating heat affected zones (HAZ), presenting manufacturers with a cutting-edge alternative for precision cutting and drilling applications.

  • Cut and drill metal or plastic micro tubing
  • Laser converting thin films

Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding has become the technology of choice for automotive and medical device manufacturers, driven by its exceptional attributes. Utilizing laser welding, you can achieve precise weld seams that boast both clarity and strength.

  • Clear-to-clear and opaque-to-clear plastic welding
  • Welding of miniature metal components
  • Glass welding laser solutions
Laser welded stainless steel part

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