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Laser Marking Saw Blades with Efficiency Using Machine Vision Technology

Last Updated on Jun 7, 2023

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Laser marking machine for saw blades using machine vision

In the majority of industries, products need to display distinctive markings, such as logos or part numbers. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through methods such as ink-based procedures or dot peen marking among other techniques. However, lasers have become the preferred technology for marking data due to their versatility in marking various materials, low maintenance, and ability to function efficiently in high-speed manufacturing environments for extended periods.

The Laser Marking System

Our expert engineers have designed and developed a rotary table laser system specifically for branding saw blade stacks with product logos and important usage information. The stacks can weigh up to 50kg, making it possible for an operator to process a large volume with just one button press. Our engineers have programmed a wide range of blade sizes, enabling the customer to effortlessly switch between programs, load parts and start laser marking by simply turning the key and selecting a program. The system is designed to operate in a “lights out” environment.

The laser source for this machine comes from TYKMA Electrox, our sister company located in Chillicothe, Ohio. TYKMA had previously supplied manual loading systems but lacked the engineering capacity to fully automate the process. That’s where CMS Laser steps in, offering a tailored turnkey solution through our collaboration. As specialists in such requests, CMS Laser successfully designed and constructed the machine, utilizing the laser source selected by TYKMA.

Stacks of saw blades inside laser marking machine ready to be marked
Saw blades stacked in each processing bay ready to be laser marked

Machine Vision for Laser Process Alignment

The system leverages our Through-The-Optics Vision (TTOV) technology for precise placement of graphics on the blade. The camera is positioned in line with the laser beam as it exits the laser scanhead, offering a highly accurate top-down view of the part. The software has been calibrated to recognize the center hole of the blade, thereby updating the positional coordinates of the graphic. The CMS Laser software will alert the operator if the camera fails to recognize the center of the part.

Machine vision view of saw blade alignment inside the laser marking system
Through-The-Optics vision (TTOV) view of saw blade alignment inside the laser marking system

The Benefits of Integrating Machine Vision in Laser Material Processing

Machine vision is used in our industrial laser material processing machines to improve the accuracy and efficiency of laser marking, cutting, and welding processes. It is implemented by integrating a camera and image processing software into the laser system. Below are some ways CMS Laser utilizes machine vision.

    • Robotic Automation – Monitor part orientation and position to adjust a robot’s XYR coordinates. This robot laser marking machine uses vision to detect the rotation of a part in a pallet before processing.
    • Image Analysis – The camera captures images of the material and the software analyzes the images to detect features such as edges, patterns, and specific points. This information is used to control the laser beam’s position, ensuring that the laser markings are placed precisely on the material. Vision can also be used to determine if there is a part present or not. This laser cutting machine for plastic degating is a great example of a system using edge detection to align each cut location for separating injection molded plastics.
    • Quality Control – Checking for defects and ensuring that the laser process is performed within specified tolerances. This is especially useful in laser welding applications.
    • OCR / OCV – Recognize and validate characters or symbols before or after laser processing.

    600 Group Laser Solutions

    This project showcases the proficiency of the 600 Group. As specialists in laser solutions, the Group offers custom turnkey solutions through its 40-year-old subsidiary, CMS Laser, located in Winter Park, Florida. With a proven track record of surviving tough economic times since 1983, CMS Laser provides a distinct engineering advantage in the industry. If you seek an engineering partner for laser material processing, reach out to our team to discover the possibilities.


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