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Coated Wire Stripping Systems

Discover the modern approach to removing coatings on insulated magnet and enameled wires through the application of laser technology. By transitioning from traditional methods involving potentially hazardous acid baths or other damaging techniques, you can embrace a cleaner and more efficient solution. Our advanced laser system offers a streamlined process that ensures precise and effective removal of coatings, providing superior results for your wire processing needs.

Laser Stripping Coated Wires

Our wire stripping laser system is specifically engineered to efficiently remove coatings from enameled and magnet wires using a non-destructive ablation process, eliminating the need for acid baths and other potentially damaging methods. With remarkable speed, lasers are used to effectively strip various coating types, including polyimide, urethane, lacquer, formvar, and more, in a matter of seconds. By utilizing two CO2 lasers, we ensure precise and clean ablation of these coatings, without causing any harm to the underlying wire.

CO2 laser wire stripping system for enameled wires

Laser Wire Stripping System

  • Dual CO2 lasers for on-the-fly laser ablation of insulation on copper and aluminum wires
  • Vaporize insulation coating types, such as polyimide, urethane, lacquer, Kapton® and formvar
  • Aluminum frame and paneling for long-lasting industrial use
  • Air-conditioned unit for laser controller and CO2 lasers
  • Mobile configuration for easy relocation of the machine
  • Fume extraction system for filtering vaporized coatings
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push button and laser-safe viewing window
  • Touchscreen display
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system

Our Laser Ablation Technology

Non-contact on-the-fly laser removal of polymer insulation on copper and aluminum magnet wires

Polymer Coated Magnet Wire Stripping

Easily eliminate thin polymer coatings, such as polyimide and formvar, applied on copper and aluminum wires. These wires require the removal of their coatings prior to soldering them into electric engines and specific medical devices.

  • Strip both round and rectangular magnet wires
Laser stripped magnet wire insulation
Laser ablation of magnet wire insulation

Laser Ablation of Insulation

In a matter of milliseconds, our CO2 laser system vaporizes polymer coatings with precision. For specialized requirements, we also provide ultraviolet lasers tailored to specific use cases. If you have any inquiries regarding your unique wire specifications, we encourage you to reach out to our applications lab for expert assistance.

  • Complimentary in-house laser applications development for your specific wires

On-the-Fly Laser Ablation

Strip away thin coatings on enameled wires effortlessly using our on-the-fly ablation process involving dual lasers positioned on opposite sides of the wire. With continuous motion, these lasers swiftly remove the coatings within mere seconds, granting you complete control over the desired strip length.

  • Window strip, end strip, or continual reel-to-reel stripping available.
Laser system for magnet wire stripping

Other Laser Systems for Wires

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