Laser Stripping Formvar Coated Copper Medical Wires

This laser wire stripping system was designed to remove coatings on enameled and magnet wires used throughout many industries. Insulating coating types such as polyimide, urethane, lacquer, Kapton and formvar are commonly used on medical wires and require unique methods to be cleanly removed. The system uses two CO2 lasers to cleanly ablate the coatings on these enameled wires without any damage to the underlying wire. Systems can be designed for window stripping, end stripping and reel-to-reel stripping.


Looks very nice, working on fabrication wire bundles for high density EMG recording of smooth muscle in the gut (research setting animal experiments) currently hand stripping 25 micron nichrome ( form at insulation) could I chat with you all about laser stripping approaches?

Matthew Perkins, 04.24.2023

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