Machine Vision

Incorporate machine vision into your industrial laser marking, cutting, drilling or welding system for high-precision process alignment, optical recognition and verification, and to ensure quality consistency.

  • Multiple vision configurations available
  • Feature location laser guidance
  • Vision assisted robotic laser automation
Machine vision system for a laser cutting machine for injection molded part degating

Laser Automation with Vision

Vision systems are a crucial component in the manufacturing process, especially in laser applications such as marking, drilling, etching, and engraving. More than half of the custom laser systems we create include a vision element, each with different degrees of complexity.

At its core, machine vision offers location information, guidance, and verification for laser processes. Thanks to advances in technology and our expertise, we are able to integrate vision in more sophisticated ways, resulting in higher accuracy, quality, and repeatability.

Machine Vision Technology & Solutions

We provide multiple vision configurations for our laser systems, including off-axis direct, off-axis angled, and through-the-optics. Each configuration has its own distinct application and is essential for specific laser processing methods. The majority of our systems incorporate some type of vision technique for marking, cutting, drilling, and welding laser applications.

  • Off-Axis Direct – The camera and laser are parallel and point toward the part/fixture. This requires the laser to be positioned twice over the processing location—for the camera and laser functions.
  • Off-Axis Angled – While the laser points downward, the camera sits at an angle—eliminating the need for motion between the laser and camera position. Software corrects any image distortion using perspective calibration.
  • Through the Optics – On-axis, or through the optics vision (TTOV) is where the camera uses the same lens and mirrors as the laser. This reduces the field of view but is extremely fast and provides high resolution and magnification.
Machine vision for laser marking system

Laser Machines with Machine Vision

Mark, cut, drill, and weld with accuracy

Laser Marking Saw Blades with Machine Vision

For loading stacks of heavy metal parts into a laser marking machine, the most effective way to account for variations in part positioning is by using machine vision technology. This ensures that each part is accurately positioned for optimal laser marking results.

  • Laser mark multiple saw blade sizes with high-contrast markings of logos and part information
Robot with machine vision attached to end effector for part orientation recognition

Robotic Laser Marking Automation

By utilizing 6-axis robots and machine vision technology, our laser marking machines can integrate an off-axis system for detecting part orientation. This guarantees that every laser marking is precisely placed based on feature detection, resulting in optimal accuracy and precision.

  • Machine vision detects if a part is present and the rotation of the part in the fixture

High-Speed Laser Drilling with Machine Vision

With our on-the-fly processing technology, we can achieve laser drilling speeds of up to 140,000 pharmaceutical tablets per hour. Our system incorporates dual 200% vision inspection for every tablet, ensuring the highest level of quality control.

  • Dual machine vision after drilling with separate reject bins

Laser Machines with Vision Systems

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