TD-140 Pharmaceutical Tablet Drilling System

CMS Laser offers tablet drilling systems that can drill osmotic pump tablets at speeds up to 140,000 per hour, utilizing single or multi-hole drilling. These systems are capable of processing both round and oval tablets, with orifice sizes ranging from 0.2mm to 2mm, and can even apply an anti-counterfeit marking if desired. For longitudinally compressed tablets (LCTs), the system can process them at slower speeds using a different transport track. CMS Laser’s bowl feeder and transport systems provide a superior handling environment, resulting in smoother transitions, reduced tablet breakage, and increased yield.

Additionally, dual vision camera systems verify each tablet before exiting the system, resulting in 200% inspection. CMS Laser has been an industry leader in pharmaceutical drilling and marking systems for over 30 years, providing research and development, batch submittal, and full production solutions to pharmaceutical companies around the world. CMS Laser provides full support for IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation in a complete, turnkey tablet processing solution.


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