Robotic Material Handling Laser Solutions

Our robotics integration can quickly and easily handle materials, making laser processing tasks more efficient and reliable in many different situations. Our industrial laser systems combined with robotic handling represent the future of laser material processing. They offer precise and adaptable part picking and path planning, improving productivity and increasing quality in modern manufacturing.

  • Dynamic part positioning under laser focus
  • High-speed material handling with vision assist
  • Direct laser manipulation
Robotic laser drilling machine with conveyor

Material Handling Efficiency & Flexibility

The adoption of robotics within the material handling industry is steadily increasing year after year. A trend driven by companies’ ongoing efforts to minimize manual handling of components and streamline their processes. Our laser automation uses robots and machine vision to process complex objects with high accuracy and repeatability.

For maximum versatility in welding and cutting applications, the laser source can be attached directly to the robot’s end effector. This allows greater flexibility over a wide range of part geometries and sizes. We’ve also attached a vision camera to the end effector to guide pick and place procedures depending on feature detection.

Robotic Laser Processing Systems

Integration of Robots into Laser Marking, Cutting, and Welding Solutions

Robotics used for Automotive Laser Marking Tasks

Our engineers developed system for marking automotive parts on pallets. This system uses a conveyor, a 6-axis robot, a rotary table, and a (TTOV) vision camera. Parts arrive on pallets through a conveyor belt on the left side of the system.

The robot’s task is to pick a part from the pallet and place it onto the rotary table fixture. After laser marking the part, the robot will place it back into the pallet. Should a part not meet validation criteria, the robot removes it from the fixture and places it into the reject chute.

  • Fully automated UID laser marking process
  • Robot loads a new part onto the rotary table as one is being processed
  • Post-process vision validation of laser marked data matrix
Automated laser marking automotive parts

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Robotic Part Handling Solutions

Discover these laser marking systems utilizing robotics

Machine Vision Assisted Robots

Our robotic solutions can utilize an off-axis vision system for detecting part orientation for the robot. Vision identifies distinct features on the object, allowing the robot to rotate and position the mark accurately. This technique eliminates the need to place parts in specific orientations and drastically improves the manufacturing process altogether.

  • Part orientation detection and correction
  • Dynamic process guidance
Robot with machine vision for metal laser marking
Laser marking machine with robot

Titanium Drill Bit Marking Solutions

Robots not only made this process possible but reduced the overall footprint and complexity of this system. Different sized bits can be marked with a simple changeover of the program.

  • Fast, efficient and precise

Robotic Part Handling

Difficult to handle products often benefit from robotic material handling. Robots can utilize machine vision techniques for high-precision pick-n-place actions, enabling advanced material processing.

  • Two machine vision systems
  • Post-process marking validation

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Working with the entire Control Micro Systems team on our project was a pleasure. CMS was capable of meeting and exceeding our goals. They successfully designed and built a machine which increased our throughput by 550%! We are so glad we chose to move forward with CMS.

Jim B., Custom Wire Technologies, Inc.

In the three years ACR has owned the CMS laser, it has worked flawlessly. In the few instances where ACR needed support in programming, CMS was quick to respond.

Mike S., ACR Electronics, Inc.

CMS have been excellent partners in the development of new, complex equipment for our business. CMS built multiple machines for us. Each machine had a different purpose, however the CMS team worked openly & honestly with us to agree on optimal solutions for each one.

Andy, Confidential

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