Posted on 03.27.2016 by Gerald Fry

Control Micro Systems Develops Countermeasures to Battle Counterfeit Drugs

Last Updated on Jun 7, 2023

Laser drilled tablets in a collection bin

Control Micro Systems, Inc. recently expanded its arsenal of high tech solutions by developing countermeasures that prevent or mitigate threats to drug counterfeiting.

Born from the demands by the U.S. government and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Control Micro Systems developed laser solutions that uniquely encode, identify and track individual drugs with multiple levels of security information right through the supply chain.

Our state of the art Laser Marking Systems can engrave a unique mark under the coating of the tablet as well as 2D Barcodes on the surface.

Unfortunately, it is up to the pharmaceutical companies to fight the explosion of fake or counterfeit medicines worldwide, including prescription, brand and generic drugs, while also meeting the requirements of a U.S. law, the 2013 Drug Quality and Security Act, which requires the creation of electronic systems to identify and trace drugs as they are distributed.

In addition, Asia is attempting to enforce new rules that require companies to use barcodes and electronic monitoring to track the manufacturing of drugs with China’s new State Food and Drug Administration law.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention says fake or counterfeit drugs are manufactured using incorrect and harmful ingredients. These drugs are then made in unsanitary conditions and packaged to look like real name brand medicines.

No countries are untouched by this issue, says the World Health Organization. “What was once considered a problem suffered by developing and low income countries has now become an issue for all.”

The strides that Control Micro Systems has made with its vast array of high tech lasers, are applicable to other industries as well. The company’s Laser Applications Lab has extensive expertise in processing solutions for a wide variety of applications including pharmaceutical processing such as tablet marking and drilling, thin-film conformal coating removal, semiconductor wafer processing and plastics welding, including a breakthrough in clear-on-clear welding, which is the bonding of clear polymers without the use of additives.


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