UV Laser Marking System for Plastic Medical Tubing

Presenting the latest advancement from CMS Laser – a UV laser marking system engineered for a medical device manufacturer. This system has been designed with precision and functionality at its core, addressing the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

Our UV laser marking machine excels in marking both sides of various tube lengths with unparalleled accuracy. Utilizing UV laser technology, it is proficient in generating high-contrast markings and numbers crucial for medical applications. The selection of the UV wavelength is based on its proven efficacy in creating markings that not only meet but exceed the precision standards required for medical devices.

Precision is paramount in the medical device manufacturing industry. This UV laser marking machine not only meets but surpasses these standards, offering a seamless solution for marking medical components. The technology employed ensures that the markings are not only visually precise but also maintain the integrity of the medical devices.

From serial numbers to identification codes and depth markings, our UV laser marking machine delivers unmatched accuracy. Recognizing the critical nature of medical markings, our system adheres to the rigorous quality standards established by the medical industry.

UV lasers, renowned for their precision, play a pivotal role in medical device manufacturing, particularly in compliance with Unique Device Identification (UDI) standards. One distinctive trait of UV lasers is their ability to create ‘cold’ markings on medical plastics. In our detailed blog post on the subject, we explore the significance of cold markings in UDI compliant applications and delve into the advantages that UV lasers bring to the forefront in achieving precision without compromising the quality of medical plastics.

For further insights into optimizing medical device manufacturing processes, we invite you to explore our two-part blog series on the intricacies of laser marking in the medical industry. In Part 1, we delve into the critical considerations when implementing laser marking for medical devices, providing valuable insights for manufacturers. Part 2 offers a few examples of past machines we’ve built related to medical devices, videos included. Gain in-depth knowledge and enhance your understanding of laser technology in medical device manufacturing by reading our insightful blog series. Dive into Part 1 and Part 2 to explore a vital aspect of medical device production.


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