TD-10 Laser Drilling Machine for Round Tablets

Our TD-10 tablet drilling laser systems are expertly engineered for drilling precise tiny holes in time-release medications, achieving speeds of up to 10,000 per hour. Utilizing dual vision systems, each tablet undergoes thorough scrutiny for hole positioning before exiting the system. Those that fall short of our standards are efficiently diverted from the conveyor into a designated bin, ensuring a clear separation from properly drilled tablets.

In addition to the TD-10, our portfolio includes the TD-140 and TD-70 tablet drillers, boasting impressive speeds of up to 140,000 and 70,000 respectively. This TD-10 can seamlessly accommodate a range of different tablet sizes through the simple exchange of the conveyor cassette.

At CMS Laser, our commitment to pharmaceutical excellence spans decades of dedicated research, iterative refinement, and collaborative partnerships with esteemed pharmaceutical clients.


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