Automated Laser Marking Plastic Switches using Robotic Part Handling

CMS Laser developed an advanced laser marking machine for plastic circuit breaker switches. This cutting-edge solution showcases our expertise in laser automation and precision engineering. The system efficiently transports switches using a well-engineered hopper and conveyor belt design, ensuring even distribution with a vibrating channel.

The machine incorporates a sophisticated Cognex camera system to guide the robot in picking up and placing switches accurately into the laser marking fixture. The CO2 laser is the key component, delivering permanent, high-contrast markings on the switches’ base and handle. The machine’s integrated vision system after the marking process ensures accurate markings, sorting parts into blue bins for satisfactory ones and red bins for flawed ones.

Learn more about this marking system in our recent system spotlight: Automate with Precision: Laser Marking System for Plastic Electrical Switches, or contact us for more information.


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