Posted on 09.12.2014 by Gerald Fry

Test Your Products at No Cost in our Applications Development Lab

Last Updated on Jun 7, 2023


If you’re investigating new methods for part processing, our state of the art Applications Development Lab accepts samples, along with a list of process requirements (speed/size/contrast/etc.) and develops a laser-based application, all at no cost to you. CMS Laser maintains the most comprehensive Applications Development Laboratory in the Industrial Laser Manufacturing industry. Over 15 lasers from the laser industry’s leading companies give us the means to specifically match your product and process to the optimal laser source. Our Applications Development Lab engineers are able to create solutions to specifically meet your production needs and challenges.

The lab is set up to handle moving part trays and tables, moving lasers (from simple Z axis movement to complete 5 axis motion), On the Fly (OTF) systems, robotic part handling, SMT and automated part delivery/retrieval transport, and the optics to cover any sort of field. We test laser drilling, welding, marking, cutting, engraving, etching, ablation, annealing, and more. Our engineers, with a combined 250 years of experience, have worked with a wide spectrum of materials from some of the world’s leading companies from around the globe.

We also maintain a full complement of optics and accessories (scan heads, fixed heads, telecentric lenses, F-Theta lenses, simple lenses, beam expanders, collimators, beam splitters, mirrors, and more). In combination with the laser selection, they provide innumerable options in designing a solution optimized for your parts, materials, and process. The Apps Lab also contains several high power microscopes and imaging systems for process inspection and feature location.

Not every solution is obvious. We work to provide you with a solution, regardless of your material, process, or production requirements. A discussion with our engineering group will give you a better understanding of our depth and breadth of knowledge in all aspects of laser and system technology.

In addition, CMS Laser is a Cognex Certified Vision Integrator and our lab includes many models of Dataman (DM750-DM-7500 series) and Insight (IS500, IS14xx, IS5xxx, IS7xxx) cameras, as well as a full range of lenses and diode lights (Blue, Red, White, IR).

Contact our engineers today at 1.407.679.9716 or fill out the no obligation Sample Processing Request Form and we’ll get to work, at no cost to you, on your part/process/application laser solution.


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